Fascinated with the beauty of precious stones and metals, Elisabeth and Marek Bejm (pronounced bam.jpg (5726 bytes)) sculpt their passion into small art forms. Their works have earned them nine national and international awards.

Both artists received Masters of Fine Arts degrees in 1972 in Poland after six years of intense and comprehensive studies. For ten years they designed jewelry for European markets and extensively participated in art exhibitions. In 1982 they moved to the United States and founded Beyms Studio.

Although the two artists work together, there is a noticeable difference in their styles: Marek's forms are strong and masculine, while Elisabeth's flow with soft lines.  For both, the spirit of Neo Modernism influences the way they use construction, technology, and movement.

One of the most definite elements of their creativity is that they treat jewelry strictly as a form of art.  For the Bejms, jewelry combines sculpture, painting, poetry and music: It evokes the same aesthetic emotions with the added advantage of being portable, available to be contemplated and enjoyed at any moment.

Drawing upon this philosophy, the two artists use a broad palette of techniques to create jewelry, small sculptures and jeweled portraits. Each piece is meticulously conceived and crafted. The forms are simple, occasionally geometric, and defined by precious stones and textures. Some designs emphasize contrast of materials: hard against soft, matte neighboring glossy, precious stones versus semiprecious. Diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires are offset by onyx, ebony, jet, amber, malachite, lapis, enamel or even leather, wood and fur.

Every facet of their creations reflects a desire for perfection which can only be achieved through a combination of extensive technical knowledge and artistic inspiration.